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When Buck refused, the man left the apartment and went to a nearby gas station, where someone called an ambulance that took him to the hospital. Nobody believed us, no one took us seriously. In July, the U.

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Lacey, who is black, has said politics played no role in her decision not to prosecute Buck in the deaths of the two men. She defended her decision and said there was insufficient evidence to proceed with murder charges. The federal charges bring a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years if Buck is convicted in the deaths. That penalty would be greater than the state drug charges he was arrested on, Lacey said. Evan Mecham, who was ultimately convicted in an impeachment trial and kicked out of office.

Buck had been a Republican, but said he switched party affiliation to Democrat because he felt the GOP was intolerant toward the gay community. He said he retired to West Hollywood in at the age of 37 and became active in animal rescue efforts. Less than a week after his Sept. It cited his arrest on drug charges and the two overdose deaths. Brian Melley, The Associated Press. Her staff once bought white spray paint to dissemble her desktop phone, paint it, and reassemble it, two employees said. The millennial employees who had bought into Neumann's vision were working hard — harder than many said they had worked in their lives.

As WeWork rushed to open new locations, it simultaneously launched a never-ending stream of initiatives, from the coliving WeLive to the WeLab mentorship program to the WeGrow school. WeWork also acquired 21 companies. Internally, employees were working on projects ranging from building We's own smart building software to opening an aluminum and glass wall factory.

Every day, employees were tasked with new projects; every few months, a new manager, three former employees described. People known to complain about the workload would vanish from the payroll, several people said.

Indictment: ‘Party and play’ sex and drug use turned deadly

The recruiting team was hiring as fast as it could: The company's headcount jumped from about 2, people in early to more than 10, by That still wasn't enough. The whole company was overworked. He described many of those who left, whether by choice or firing, as people "who didn't truly believe" in the company. Sometimes employees had no idea who the people invited to staff meetings were at all. A former mid-level executive recalled multiple meetings with Neumann and people he didn't know, and was never introduced to.

Sometimes, those people gave opinions about the deals being discussed. During meetings, Neumann had a tendency to switch to Hebrew, leaving nonspeakers of the language out of the loop. A former mid-level executive said he joked about buying the language program Rosetta Stone for his team, while another employee said some assistants were actually learning Hebrew.

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Neumann often brought in friends and family without much experience for particular roles, and those who didn't succeed floated to other jobs in the company, multiple ex-employees said. So we'd be using headcount on someone who wasn't even coming to work. Two ex-employees remember Neumann's father sitting in on meetings, both internal and external, for reasons unclear.

He didn't say much, and one former assistant said he was polite, thanking the support staff. Then there was Neumann's sister Adi, who is not a WeWork employee, and her husband, Avi Yehiel, a former professional soccer player. Yehiel had no corporate experience but parlayed his 15 years in the pro leagues to become the head of wellness of WeWork's gym effort, Rise by We.

Adi Neumann and Adam Neumann. Support staff had to provide Adi building badges that worked internationally and even reserved work email addresses for her children, who at the time were under age 4. Like her father, Adi Neumann also sat in on meetings. One executive who spent years at WeWork until its recent headaches remembers Adi as being kind and her husband as competent. But sometimes, another said, she treated WeWork assistants — who were not her own staff — "like the help.

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When flying to a corporate event, she once walked back from first class, spotted an assistant in coach, and, in front of her children, asked the employee to watch the kids while she took a call. The assistant felt there was no choice but to agree. They were there for "Summer Camp.

WeWork booked and paid for employees' plane tickets, and employees literally slept in tents. They could sign up for tent "zones" with options that ranged from an "up all night" zone close to the music venue to spots that were quieter and farther away. If employees wanted an upgrade in accommodations, they had to pay for it themselves. David M. The agenda was an array of activities like crafts, yoga, meditation, rock-wall climbing, pottery, archery, trapeze, roller disco, canoeing, cocktail making, and whiskey tasting, mixed with an inspirational talk from Neumann or Deepak Chopra.

Employees we talked to marveled at how much the event must have cost. You could hear people audibly having sex in their tents all day and night. People peeing all over the place, and pulling down their pants and defecating in between the tents because they are so drunk they can't even make it to the bathroom. Not only was alcohol abundant — one person recalled a member of Neumann's executive team "shotgunning" piercing and then chugging a beer at about 6 a.

Employees compared it to Coachella and Burning Man. Business Insider. Camp was only one of the company's mandatory employee parties. WeWork also throws another, more business-focused event called Summit. At Summit, during the day, employees listened to inspirational talks from WeWork executives and business leaders. At night, they partied. At first, the party culture was exciting, nearly every employee said. But as months and years of employment went by, and employees found themselves working to hour days, some became disillusioned. This guy [Neumann] is going to lead you into insanity with a very tempting package.

You feel so lucky that your employer is so casually comfortable about these things," one former employee said. Neumann bragged about his own partying, recounting a story to employees when he and other executives stayed up all night drinking and breaking office windows, multiple people said. It stuck one employee in the audience as juvenile: "You're not rock stars — you left that mess for people to clean up. They thought they were so cool and they were so badass.

It was really unprofessional. Neumann's representative acknowledged the broken windows, describing it as an accident. The party atmosphere was not confined to WeWork employees.

Read the room, have a sense of humor, and if you’re standing on a human body, keep your balance.

The New York headquarters has become known for its wild annual Halloween party. They sell tickets and promote it on social media. Other locations now also throw Halloween parties for members. One employee got a taste of the party culture in her first week on the job: "At the first HQ meeting I went to, tequila shots were passed around.

Part of me thought, this is cool. It didn't take long for her to grow weary of it, she said, as she experienced incidents like drunk tenants grabbing her rear end at events to "people puking" in the corners, which left her or someone on her team with a messy cleanup.

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  7. At an informal meeting a few weeks before Halloween , one recently hired employee had a startling experience when a group of about a dozen employees were discussing their favorite costumes. J — the basketball player — for Halloween, and he shows everybody a picture of him doing blackface. He showed the picture around and I looked around and nobody seemed shocked at all.

    The new employee didn't want to confront his colleague at that time — but the experience made him think differently about his team. Multiple women and people of color said they felt WeWork's professed culture of inclusivity didn't seem to include them. Women "played a secondary role," said one male employee who worked closely with the C-suite, adding: "They were told to not get involved — not get involved in a substantial way — to not talk too much about what they were contributing in big meetings and sometimes were brought artificially into meetings to sit there while their male counterparts would speak on their behalf.

    A WeWork employee photo in A lot of them were friends from childhood. Over a dozen women told Business Insider they felt gender dynamics were not appropriate on their teams. Several women said they were left out of meetings entirely; one, who was not an assistant, was told not to speak and only to take notes.

    The head of one business unit "took everything I created and presented it to the board," without giving any credit, another woman said. Others told stories about senior male members of their team inviting young women back to their tents during Camp. A few employees recounted multiple allegations of sexual harassment that they heard about or believed they witnessed. Outside headquarters, community managers and other building staff said they sometimes felt unsafe staying late to wrap up events where there had been plenty of alcohol and carousing.

    A person who worked as a cleaner for WeWork recalled a company executive propositioning a female cleaner in front of him, allegedly saying, "I'll take you all over the world if you want. I could get rid of you if I wanted. WeWork is now facing accusations in court. It is being sued by two former executives on claims of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. In one case, Lisa Bridges, a former HR executive, said she was put on leave and the company moved to terminate her after she presented concerns about gender discrimination to top executives.

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    Her June lawsuit alleges sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Last year, WeWork's former director of culture, Ruby Anaya, filed a similar lawsuit after she said she was inappropriately touched by two employees who were not disciplined after she raised the issue. She said she was fired after bringing up pay disparities and disagreeing about the company's decision not to fire the second employee accused of acting inappropriately. Some insiders said Neumann's ties to wealthy Saudis was another source of discomfort and a flagrant contradiction of WeWork's stated values in light of the gruesome murder of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi by agents of Saudi Arabia.

    One former assistant said his colleague had assisted Neumann at a meeting with wealthy Saudis at one of their Los Angeles mansions where a live tiger roamed the premises. Another former executive recalled hearing about the tiger meeting, too. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In a spring conversation with Business Insider about whether he thought Silicon Valley had a Saudi Arabia problem, Neumann acknowledged "hovering" around the question and would not directly comment on the kingdom. He said that going forward he would not accept money from a source he disagreed with morally.