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When used in relation to English, "imperfect" usually refers to forms like was doing or were doing, but these are more commonly called past progressive or past continuous. The term can take on specific conventional meanings in the grammars of particular languages. House Speaker John Boehner :. William Howard Taft :. Gaddameedi Pavan Kumar :. Word in Definition. Princeton's WordNet 2. Wiktionary 0. Webster Dictionary 0.

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Freebase 0. Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 0. How to pronounce imperfect? Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian.

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Veena Indian. How to say imperfect in sign language? Examples of imperfect in a Sentence Zaman Ali : Every political mean is imperfect. William Howard Taft : We are all imperfect. We can not expect perfect government. Popularity rank by frequency of use imperfect Habitual or repeated actions are those that were done over and over in the past.

These are often things a person used to or would do. It's quite common to see the imperfect used to talk about something that was happening when something else occurred.

Regular Imperfect Forms

It's also used for actions that continued in the past for an unspecified period of time. When talking about a past action in progress that was interrupted, the action in progress is in the imperfect, while the interrupting action is in the preterite. For more on the differences between the preterite and the imperfect, check out this article! The imperfect is used to give descriptions in the past, especially those that set the scene in terms of the senses. Grammar Guide.

Imperfect Tense Forms.

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Subject Ir to go Ser to be Ver to see yo iba. We used to eat lunch together every day.

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Every Saturday the ladies would go shopping. I was going to class when the telephone rang.

My dad was cooking when I came in the house. Sometimes her hands and feet ached. Eran las tres de la tarde. It was three o'clock in the afternoon. Era el 9 de mayo. The little girl was 4 years old.

The dogs were two years old when I adopted them. My professor was tall and had wavy hair.