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5 Books that Changed My Life: Catherine McNiel

When I was nine years old I was selected to be a representative of my school to participate in a child rights training programme by Plan International. This was an enormous moment in my life.

David Almond: the tale of Seven Stories

This was a very exciting time in my life. This was a tremendous improvement over where we had been living. I was so happy to have a nice house to live in, and to date this is where I continue to live. I began to realise that girls had the right to aspire to professions other than teachers or secretaries, which were the only professions approved for women in my town. In my community, most girls did not go beyond ninth grade. Fortunately for me, Plan International again came into my life at a crucial moment by awarding me a scholarship to complete my high school education.

I suddenly felt that my world was coming down on me — I felt I had disappointed my parents and Plan International staff who had believed in me.

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In the midst of all this turmoil, my son Luis Angel was born. Rita told me there is no reason to stop living my life and especially going after my dreams.

Seven Stories

This conversation lifted my spirits and helped me get my life on track again. You will come away with an understanding of the overarching intent of God for all eternity — His intent to be in loving fellowship with us forever and ever and how He has carried out His passion for us from before Eden. Without recognizing His great love for us, we struggle to find our God-given purpose, a purpose God clearly wants us to discover. Then each chapter examines how we personally experience this same reality within our own lives — we each have our own rebirth, our exodus, our time in the desert, our time in exile.

We comprehend the specific facets of His love shown in our own life circumstances, discovering our purpose in His story as a result.

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It has impacted my life as powerfully as The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge, a book which also approaches relationship with God from the aspect of His great love and how that love impacts our lives in unexpected and transformative ways. As we view Him more clearly, we are then impacted deeply and are drawn toward Him in love and thus into action.

Child Sponsorship Changed My Life - Laura's Story | Plan International UK

Raised on the Oklahoma plains in a storytelling family, Melinda now spins tales from her writer's cave in the coastal South. Her faith-filled fiction illustrates our human story, wrestling with our brokenness and the storms that wreak havoc in our lives. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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