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You're right that this is a conservation of momentum problem. It also has to do with relative velocity.

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Glad to know i started off right. The relative velocity equation was what i tripped up on. Many thanks. Remembering relative velocity in that way has saved me many headaches.

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For me, it's just easier to remember one catchall than to reason out a relationship for each problem. Related Threads for: Person-jumping-out-of-a-moving-boat problem Two people jumping out of a boat in different directions - momentum problem. Posted Mar 23, Replies 3 Views 5K.

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Velocity of boat after two people have jumped off. Posted Sep 20, Hope that helps to answer your question!

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If you jump high and the boat is moving fast then although you start with the same velocity as the boat air drag will effect your body whilst in the air and you will land somewhere behind the boat. If it's a small boat, and your friends are in control of it, you will definitely land in the water What Re-design and kelseymh said, plus, if the boat is moving fast enough, wind resistance will slow you down and you may land behind the boat. Answer 8 years ago. If the boat is accelerating or decelerating, then you'll land either in a different place on the boat, or if it is small enough in the water.

In the boat. Unless the boat was accelerating very fast and if you jumped really high it might acclerate out from under you. Follow Asked by kimber Tags: motion physics.

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