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“I think about her every day.”

Download our fantastic guide for your holidays in Romagna. The day to celebrate the moms and dads of … moms and dads and aunts and uncles and friends was established in and set for the Sunday after Labor Day.

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This year it falls on Sept. Older people are the butt of a lot of jokes in the entertainment world. Lots of stereotypes abound, but there is nothing mockable about these six movie grandparents:. The man could not be more supportive of her pageant dreams if his life depended on it.

Precious grandparents!

His love for her is so good and strong it will make you cry. Edwin is magnificent. I print off the photo with the virtue in A4 size then get it laminated so it is water proof and can be used as their placemat on the table for dinner time. The great thing about it is it is obvious who it belongs to and over the years they build up a little portfolio of their virtues.

The simpler it is the more powerful and it must always match a virtue they have been doing or an action taken. It never works when it is used as discipline tool. Kindness is caring that springs from compassion. You are warm and friendly and ready to help, listening for the needs beneath the words. You are also kind to yourself.

Moments for Grandparents

Determination is the power of intent that drives your dreams. It is the strength of will to act with resolve and focus your energy on a purpose.


The purity of Kindness and determination can bring light to the world. It may also be nice to teach older grandchildren how to make these booties to give to newborn cousins, neighbours, or friends!

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These can be picked out any time — not only with the grandkids but during workshops, with clients, or other gatherings! What other ways can grandparents be involved in character education when kids are young? Please share your ideas and experiences in the comments! Author, certified parent educator, and mother of three with a background in Communications and Counselling, Chelsea provides resources to parents and teachers who want to incorporate personal growth into everyday moments.