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And in the embrace of our love of God, we come to love all people. This lifts the burden of sin and frees us to love as we ought. But our purification ought not start only in Purgatory. We are all called to enter into that process of purification here and now. We are called to heed the words of John the Baptist today and repent of all that keeps us from holiness of life. Reflect, today, upon the purification to which God may be calling you. What is it that you hold on to that He wants you free of?

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Lord, I do long to have my soul purified by You. I do desire holiness of life.

Heidi Baker – The Fire Of God

Help me to begin this process here and now so that I can begin to experience the joy and freedom You have in store for me. Jesus, I trust in You. And, in the book of Acts, we read that when the Holy Spirit came on the early church, a fire was lit on, and in, their lives.

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  • God does not change.
  • God does not change.
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  • Fire is a powerful, powerful force. It brings light into darkness.

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    It brings warmth into the cold. It can destroy strongholds, power massive machines, change raw ingredients into nourishing food, and renew huge swaths of land. Fire is essential to our physical lives. God prepared this world as a place where people could live, and fire is as essential as water or air. Without essential warmth half the population would freeze to death.

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    Without fire there would be no sunlight, no cooking, no metals, indeed no manufacturing; we would never have seen a steam train or steam ship. We could not imagine a more terrible world. The universe is full of fire. Every volcano is a powerful illustration of God's character. He is a Vesuvius of goodness, life and energy. If we can no longer see the light of the stars, it is because of modern pollution in the atmosphere. These days the wise men would be hard put to find a star to guide them to Bethlehem. Yet that is a modern-day parable. People are not finding their way to Jesus because of pollution.

    We are too clever by half. No one can see God through a polluting cloud of doubt and sin. Nonetheless, he is still there, shining forever. On the day of Pentecost there was not only fire but also wind. Wind disperses fog and mist.

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    • It clears the atmosphere. The disciples had doubts galore even after Jesus had risen from the dead and spoken to them. We read that Jesus appeared to the eleven disciples as they sat eating a meal together. Some had believed reports of his appearance but others had doubted; Jesus rebuked them for their hardness of heart.

      The Fire of God

      However, when the winds of God tore the heavens open and swept into the Upper Room, no doubts were left. God's tornado and the tongues of fire on every head were no hallucination. Jesus had reached the power centre of the universe, just as he had said. He had kept his promise and sent the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Skip to main content.

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      God does not change God is the same God for everybody, those in the church and those in the world.