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The events depicted in the saga take place between and The saga existed in oral tradition until it was recorded, most likely in the 13th century. In , it was made into a film titled Outlaw: The Saga of Gisli. The saga is generally thought to exist in three main versions originating in the Middle Ages: [1]. The longer version differs from the shorter mainly in having a profoundly different and longer version of the opening sequence of the saga's narrative, set in Norway.

The parts set in Iceland are substantially similar.

The story of Gisli the outlaw

However, there is little hard evidence to support this. In the opening chapter set in Norway, Gisli Thorkelsson is an uncle and namesake of the saga's title character. But he refuses to return the sword borrowed from his wife's thrall Kol, and the ensuing squabble results in the death of both men and a broken sword. The thrall lays a curse against the family on this sword in the longer version.

Gisli and his elder brother Thorkel develop a strained relationship over whether to support Bard, a man seducing their elder sister Thordis.

The dueller challenges Kolbjorn who has become Thordis's new preferred suitor, but Gisli fights the duel instead and prevails over Skeggi who has a ringing sword named Gunnlogi Battle-flame. Even though Gisli spared the dueller's life, the dueller's sons forcibly recruit Kolbjorn, and the band sets fire to the hero's family house.

Gisli and Thorkel retaliate by exterminating the perpetrators. Around , [12] the hero's family leave Norway and move to the Westfjords of Iceland. They live as neighbors, the brothers at Hol, and Thorgrim at Saebol. While attending a thing an assembly , the hero's close-knit group learns that a wise man named Gest has predicted discord among them the "Haukdal men" in three years. However, Thorgrim has a change of heart and the pact is not completed. A chain of dreadful events is set into motion when Thorkel overhears his wife Asgerd and Gisli's wife Aud gossiping about their loves.

Thorkel learns that his wife was actually fond of Vestein before she married.

World Dream Bank: Gisli the Outlaw

Gisli too learns from his wife that she had been fond of Thorgrim the Godi prior to marriage. Thorkel reacts to the news more badly than Gisli, and first lashes out at his wife by refusing to let her sleep in the same bed as him, which is immediately quashed by her who threatens him with divorce. Thorkel then decides he must part company with his brother, and take up farming with Thorgrim, demanding a division of their assets.

Thorkel and Thorgrim have the sword reforged as a spear, with the assistance of a black magician and blacksmith named Thorgrim Nef Nose, or Bottlenose.

The story of Gisli the outlaw

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Gisli the Outlaw

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