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I couldn't stop the page to turn. Their banter at any time, either when they were in bed or when they were talking about movies, was fascinating and gripping. Their chemistry was everywhere and obvious. Feelings were quickly there but it was still believable thanks to their brief moment they had years ago. No unnecessary drama which was a huge plus, their story focus on them and only them. She writes some of the best alpha-makes I've ever read. Micah is her swooniest make lead yet!! He's handsome, sexy, and sweet. Although he's a bit stubborn at times, he still stole my heart.

I love him! Here's the breakdown:. Maddie meets Micah at a film school graduation party. They hit it off immediately, but circumstances get the way. Micah is intensely attracted to her, but makes a decision to place his career above love. Here's what I loved:.

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He's yummy! Actually, I enjoyed most of the characters in this one. Baddie is focused, hard-working, and dedicated. She and Mich pair well and the sexual chemistry is off the charts!

The storyline is entertaining. Its fast paced and held me entranced from cover to cover. The writing, as always with Laurelin, is impeccable! Overall , Sex Symbol is engaging, entertaining, and sure to please all romance lovers. I'm still swooning over Micah! But it, read it, love it! This book was highly entertaining as it had every element that I loved. It had strong characters, fun and sexy dialogue, and had that sweet charm to keep you riveted. I love how Paige allowed readers to see and feel the attraction that Micah and Maddie had before and after they had reconnected several years later.

It was great to see two characters that just f ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Sex Symbol by Laurelin Paige is a quintessential Hollywood romance done right!!! It was great to see two characters that just fit and boy oh boy, these two were definitely made for each other. The writing was entertaining and the sexual chemistry between the characters were undeniable.

So what else is there to say but go read this book because trust me when I tell you Laurelin Paige will not have you yelling cut because you will be begging her for more of Micah and Maddie. Laurelin Paige View 2 comments.

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What I wouldn't give for this book but for the roles to be reversed! Is it really that hard to write a heroine that likes sex and is famous while the hero is the lowly camera guy? View all 10 comments. And 99c today June 30th only!! I am a huge Paige fan, especially since Hudson Pierce entered my world, so i was looking forward to anything she was going to write! I will start by saying I was sucked in completely with the first few pages I had very high hopes that I was going to be falling hard, but then Micah Preston ruined my high! Superstar Ugh, This man was a pain in my ass from the get go, and honestly I had a hard time really connecting with him, let alone ever really giving him my approval!

He is 3. He is a young actor about to embark on a life of fame Too bad his chance to be a megastar was more important than "Maddie from the party" Seven years later, now famous, and quite the ladies man He acts a complete fool Why does she even care? So begins the chemistry, the flirty banter, the I want to screw you, but not love you Maddie and Micah are a train wreck of mixed emotions! They want each other in the bed, but outside the hidden hotel room, well that is where it gets complicated! At least Maddie knows what she wants and isnt afraid to put it out there Micah just needs to pull his head out of his rear end before its too late!

Overall, this was a quick read.

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It was written well with good heat and dialogue. It also has a solid ending without any serious angst of cliffhanger! I just wish Micah Preston would have knocked my socks off View all 11 comments. I absolutely adored and devoured this sweet second chance romance! It kept me up waaaayyyyy past my bedtime and had the perfect amount of angst, steam, and heart. I loved Micah and Maddie! I was surprised by how quickly I became emotionally invested in them both individually and together. It's a testament to how well written and realistic these characters were. Micah is so jaded thanks to his history that he doesn't believe relationships can coexist and thrive with a successful career in Hollywo I absolutely adored and devoured this sweet second chance romance!

Micah is so jaded thanks to his history that he doesn't believe relationships can coexist and thrive with a successful career in Hollywood. Maddie has a tendency to run, but is a hopeless romantic at heart. The issues they face like paparazzi and the loss of privacy may not be normal, but the underlying fears, insecurities, and baggage certainly are. My emotions were all over the place reading this book. One minute, my heart was happy as Micah and Maddie let their walls down and embraced their feelings for each other, and the next I would feel a twist in my chest as they would stumble and make mistakes that hurt the other.

I think that's why I liked them both so much though. They are both perfectly imperfect, navigating these new waters as best they can. The build-up and anticipation in the book was fantastic and it made the journey that much more enjoyable. I would have loved to see an epilogue, but at the same time, I love the unknown possibility. I definitely recommend this wonderfully sweet and entertaining romance! Please note, Sex Symbol was previously published under the title Take Two. If i liked the whole movie star thing then i would've really enjoyed this book!

But I don't I LOVE a good second-chance romance where soulmates who lost each other are found. These stories of love found again speak to my soul In her newest angst-burning romance, Laurelin Paige takes readers for a smoldering spin around the Hollywood movie scene where the sexiest bad boy of a movie star is paired with a beautiful camera assistant in the seductive Sex Symbol. Maddie is beautiful, bold, and brilliant, a strong and sassy heroine who I could not help but love and admire.

A camera assistant, Maddie is thrown together with Hollywood's heartthrob, the man she knew before he made it big, the man who melted her body like no other, the man she tried to forget for years. Micah never thought he'd see Maddie from the party ever again. One cocky alpha of a movie star, Micah is a player all the way. I was ogling my visual of him while reading. Oh God, was he hard? Don't look, don't look.

I giggled, snickering at the hot and humorous lines. Exactly the way I remember. I've got you. Laurelin Paige, the queen of hot, intense, angsty alphas, delivers one Hollywood heartthrob that you'll both love and loathe in Sex Symbol. This story with a fairytale feel is a fantasy come to life I'm the Laurelin Paige 's fan. I like most of her books and original plots.

But I'm not a big fan of famous Hollywood stories. Cute and sexy with lots of turns, doubts and uncertainty. Their story is not trouble-free. They believe in other things and although have a lot in common they can not always agree with each other. It's a rollercoaster. It's also kind of second chance romance. They met before the moments of fame and I really enjoyed that. It's for those who like Hollywood 3,5 stars. It's for those who like Hollywood stories and twisted reading. Thank you! This book starts with Maddie attending a party to celebrate her graduation.

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Whilst at the party she hooks up with mysterious stranger Micah. Micah promises to contact Maddie after she has to leave the party suddenly.

However Maddie never receives that call. Since his career took off Micah has always believed tha 4. Since his career took off Micah has always believed that he can't have both a career in Hollywood and a relationship. To him they simply don't mix. Micah and Maddie have great chemistry and connection. This book is very well written and it flows really well. There are lots of twists and turns that keep you hooked throughout.

This really helped with connecting to the story and understanding their emotions and feelings. There are lots of steamy scenes and there was even one part of the story that I found a little heart breaking and it brought tears to my eyes. There is no cliff-hanger ending as this is a standalone book but I would love more of Maddie and Micah. I have read lots of Hollywood playboy falling in love type books but I can honestly say this is one my favourites.

I will definitely re-read this one again. Overall a sexy, steamy, fun and surprisingly emotional for me anyway which I would highly recommend. And, the hot sex. The really hot sex. Maybe the first reason?

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Second chance romance is a favorite of mine. I love the intensity of the connection when there is a history, but also the intensity of the fear of losing the person or the chance at something more again. As this is a second chance romance by Laurelin Paige, it's no surprise I loved this book. Micah and Maddie get their second chance, and it's one neither of them expected or particularly pursued, which I really liked. Each of them moved on, pursued their dreams, handled disappointment, and became the people they are now, at their second meeting. Micah did this, allowing his career to be more important than the connection he found in a secluded corner of a garden with Maddie.

Micah followed advice he was given to stay single, and this is a hard habit to change because it worked. He has all that he wanted, and he got where he wanted to be, by following advice that led him to think the secret was being single. Add in a few times where people have wanted to be with Micah the celebrity instead of Micah the man, and you get Micah as he is now, the sex symbol who uses one night stands to meet his needs for companionship because he is afraid of wanting more.

His mother, in a misguided attempt to be supportive, helps reinforce this belief. But, she is not being harsh, rather she is supporting what her son believes to be the reason for his success. At the beginning of this book, they are the couple who meet again after years, after circumstances stopped them right at the start of something with real potential.

Or did it? Would they have worked? Would they have been that couple who stayed together forever if things had been different years ago? While each reader can decide this on their own, the answer for me is no, they wouldn't have worked. Micah still had his dream, and the direction he wanted to go with his life, and I think they would have ended up exactly where they are now, only with more baggage.

What's interesting is that seven years ago, neither of them knew anything about the other, and the attraction was explosive. Now, both have reason to doubt the other. Maddie has been treated badly and hurt, and so has Micah. Pretending not to recognize one another seems smart Sometimes, it's easier when you have someone else to blame for a missed opportunity. Well, maybe you were handed a script that you simply cannot say no too. Could I pull focus by myself? And then still make the day? On It Felt Like Love I had the generous hand of an NYU student to help me manage the camera as well as support from talented friends lighting and gripping on days that were just too much to do on my own.

The premise was simple i. And it would be a road movie with infrequent access to major cities or resources. My first idea was to build something with the ergonomics of a Super 8 camera and the image quality of a 35mm camera. I combined parts of a prosumer Canon HD camcorder that recorded to SD cards, a dismantled Nikon still camera using an oversized view pentaprism and diopters to focus on a custom ground glass.

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If cinematography is as much about camera placement and movement as visual quality, Three is a masterclass in the former. The best perhaps only worthwhile action movie of last year, this is the rare genre entry in which the intense build-up may impress more than the guns-blazing climax — itself a euphoric, sublimely executed bout of showmanship. The Fast and Furious movies began as a pretty blatant rip-off of Point Break.

They offered the thrills and chills of high speed car races and undercover detective stories wrapped up in a single package. It was until the fifth installment, however, that the franchise found its true calling as a movie about demi-gods whose chariots happen to be muscle cars. A heist film mixed with action beats that laugh at even the pretense of reality, Fast Five put the outsized personalities of its stars plus new addition Dwayne Johnson into a mad context that deserved them.

Everything since then has been bigger, but this is where the self-aware fun hit its apex. In Dredd , all that was once old and stolid becomes searingly new again. And yet, the dazzling sensory onslaught of aestheticized uber-gore and the meticulously constructed sense of topography, each keenly picking and choosing the strongest aesthetic and narrative qualities of violent video games, are unmistakably products of a new generation. The fusion of old wisdom and irreverent young blood proves an explosive, enticing and deliciously nasty concoction.