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When the clock strikes midnight, every toy becomes alive, a mouse with multiple heads emerges and the holiday is forever changed for Marie. Any Maya Angelou writing can have a warming effect on a reader, and she shines on Christmas poetry. Amazing Peace encourages and inspires readers to experience togetherness and serenity. A Christmas Carol has been the quintessential classic Christmas book for generations.

The Night Before Christmas and Other Popular Stories For Children

But everything changes for Scrooge when three ghosts visit to retell the stories of his past, present and future. This edition of the story also reprints four other lesser-known Christmas tales by Dickens. From one of our most celebrated mystery writers comes this intense and spooky story for the holidays. The page-turning detective story focuses on a murder that happens in the Lee family home on Christmas Eve.

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When Hercule Poirot, who is visiting a friend for the holiday, offers to help the family solve the murder, he finds himself entangled in a web of suspicion. Though J.

Tolkien is known for his prolific Lord of the Rings series, the author wrote about more than just hobbits and wizards. Each Christmas, Tolkien wrote letters to his children that detailed stories of adventures on the North Pole.

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Letters From Father Christmas is an inventive and kid-friendly collection of stories from one of our greatest fantasy writers. Though Little Women needs no introduction, it may not always be considered a Christmas classic. The Grinch is an angry creature living on a mountain overlooking Whoville, a fictional town with a Christmas obsession.

The Grinch decides to take his hatred for the holiday to a new level by stealing all the gifts in town. This edition features beautiful illustrations by Tasha Tudor, making it a captivating read to share with children. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edith Wharton has published a plethora of acclaimed novels, short stories and poems, but this lesser-known work is ideal for the holiday season. The story centers on a young boy named Buddy whose best friend is his cousin, an older woman, with whom he makes fruitcakes from scratch in the beloved tale.

Seth Kaller , another scholar who once owned one of the original A Visit from Saint Nicholas manuscripts, argues that evidence certainly points to Moore as the author.

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  7. First, the Reverend David Butler initially showed the poem to the Sentinel editor, and he was a relative of Moore. Perhaps the best evidence for Moore's authorship is that Livingston himself never claimed to have written A Visit from Saint Nicholas. He frequently submitted his works for publication and moreover had no real reason to hide having penned the poem.

    Four handwritten copies of A Visit from Saint Nicholas exist. Though these originals aren't available to collectors, there have been numerous publications of the poem in periodicals and countless editions of the book.

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    The variety of editions over time yields plenty of interesting pieces for collectors who love Christmas books. A few particularly desirable editions include the Robert Sabuda limited-edition pop-up book and editions illustrated by Tasha Tudor.

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    Nancy H. Marshall's descriptive bibliography is an invaluable tool for collectors of The Night before Christmas. It includes all editions from to She's a collector of The Night before Christmas herself. She began collecting copies as gifts for her children's Christmas stockings, and amassed a truly impressive collection before bestowing the collection to the College of William and Mary.

    Whether you're interested in collecting copies of The Night Before Christmas or in reading the poem, today is a fine occasion to do so!

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    Merry Christmas Eve! A blog about books. Dec 24, But as with any good story, there are multiple layers to this tale: the poem that shaped our Christmas traditions was at the center of an authorial controversy, is highly collectible, and has also found its way into numerous other facets of pop culture. About this blog How can I identify a first edition?

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