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Probably he was not to get the chance. But it wasn't murder—not murder in his eyes, that is. Of course nobody on board would believe it. Nor would anyone in any civilized court of law, in face of the evidence. He and Captain Murdock had been at daggers drawn for months. It was just natural antagonism such as springs up between natures which grate on one another. Murdock was a bully, with the temper of a fiend and the manners of a pig. Moreover he was part owner of the Four Winds , which fact he never forgot, and he took advantage of it to the full.

The friction began soon after the Four Winds sailed out of New York harbour, and constant nagging, extending over many months, had only made matters worse. Several times they had quarrelled openly. While floating in the water the man remembered over-hearing a significant remark made by one of the crew. It did not end that way, though the result came to much the same thing. Sailor-fashion, he began from that to take his bearings.

Over there, between those two bright fairy lamps suspended from the sky near the horizon, was the east, where the sun would come up in a few hours. Yes, he would see it again. He sincerely hoped to see it the next time it rose also, but things might be becoming unpleasant by then.


It was a long way to the nearest land. Powerful swimmer though he was, it would never have occurred to him to try to reach it unaided, but with a life-belt on the thing became less impossible.

On Thud and Blunder

He was going to try, at any rate. He could rest without sinking when he chose. There were a few scattered islands away to the west. The Four Winds' course was to have brought her within twenty miles of them. It must have been just short of four bells when he dropped over the stern of the steamer. The Four Winds was making a little better than nine knots.

Maybe he was now twenty-five miles, as the crow flies, from the nearest island. It was only a dot on the chart, and it was doubtful whether it was inhabited. But it was a secure foothold, which one could not say of water a mile deep. And, moreover, there were other islands. Largely by guesswork he set his course, and then rolling his great frame over, struck out with slow, powerful strokes to the westward.

For two hours he kept up the regular stroke with effortless ease, and then for a rest, turned over on to his back. The exercise had helped to steady his nerves. While he lay there the sun rode up over the sky-line and infused the spirit of hope into him.

It was a perfect dawn. The world in which the man off the Four Winds had lived recently had not been a particularly perfect one, but that was finished with, anyway—utterly, irrevocably finished with.

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He turned over again, and for a long time breasted the oily sea. He was getting tired, but it helped to keep his mind off thoughts which were none too pleasant. He was growing thirsty, with the brine constantly kissing his lips. He watched the sun creep steadily upward until it hung like a ball of fire almost directly overhead.

The strain was beginning to tell even on his enormous strength. It was now eighteen hours since he had eaten anything. Occasionally he was annoyed to find his memory playing quaint tricks—catching up incidents of his boyhood and parading them before him now when all his thoughts should be concentrated on the effort of cleaving his way further through the ocean.

Duck Amuck

No, she wouldn't have a man's name. Eileen—that was it. Something happened to her—or was it some other girl? His right hand was hurting all the time, and constant swimming did not improve it. Murdock did that with his chin. The swimmer rested many times during the day, but the sea dazzled him. There were half a dozen suns, all blinding and scorching, and yet he knew that there was really only one sun, and that he must keep on swimming as long as he could pick out the genuine from the counterfeits, or lose his sense of direction altogether.

He was still worrying absurdly about the girl with the greenish eyes when the sun set, in what was clearly a gigantic bath of blood. After that the man grew confused. The thirst was there all the time. He moistened his tongue deliberately once or twice with the water that wet his face when he took an awkward stroke, but it did not mend matters. Also his right hand was very painful now. These things he understood only in a dreamy fashion.

His predominant thought—when he did think rationally—was that he had to keep his heavy arms and legs moving, because somewhere ahead there was land. His brain seemed to have slipped a cog on the subject of time.

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That brought him back with a crash to the world of reality. He put his feet down and found there was but half a fathom of water. Dimly the outline of a low reef could be made out not far off. His strength was almost gone, but he managed to stagger ashore, and then stretched his six foot frame gratefully on a bed of seaweed. Thirsty and exhausted though he was, he fell into a sleep which became almost a stupor, and still another dawn was near when he opened his eyes. It was little more than a ledge on which he lay; probably the highest spring tides submerged it entirely. But his interest was not centered on the ledge.

About three miles away, distinct in the growing light, was an island on which cocoa palms grew, an island on which there must be water.

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And the man craved for water as he had never craved for anything in his life. This time Garett 1 1 orders you a last mission connected to loudspeakers. Your targets now are buildings in the center of the city. Unfortunately they are fenced, but there are few possible ways to get inside.

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You can find several ladders allowing you to bypass the wall 1 2. Being in this part of the city you have to be very careful because you'll be almost constantly attacked! First loudspeaker is on the top of the scaffold. It can be reached with the ladder 2 1. Another loudspeaker can be found nearby.

To get to it, you have to go through the narrow passage between buildings 3 and climb an adjacent building. Before you can use a catwalk, you have to get rid of bandits waiting for you on the roof of the building with a loudspeaker 2. The last loudspeaker is located on the northernmost building 4. A ladder will lead you directly to the proper roof 1.

After activating the fourth loudspeaker return to Garett 2 and inform him about completing the task. This mission is about killing few Walkers 1 only in order, which try to get to the car under which Ojibon hides. He will run to one of the hangars 2. Go there and talk to him to collect your reward. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Dead Island Guide. Game Guide.

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