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Having your family over for Easter when your finger is super glued into your nostril is not as much fun as you'd think. Got you again! I was smart enough to let the super glue just dry on my fingers and thumb before I touched anything. I had a super glue crust I picked off over two days, but nothing embarrassing was glued to anything.

The next day the Little Woman almost super glued a rubber carrot pen to her finger. But she didn't, so there's really nothing to talk about there. Find all posts by Rue DeDay. You know they do administer Haldol I. You don't just have to take it orally. It's great when you think you may forget to take a dose one day You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.

So, Rue , do tell - what's the secret to caulking? I figure there must be some technique or hint that I was never told because when I caulk, I wind up with a gawd-awful mess all over the place. Of course, I'm assuming you don't wind up with a similar gawd-awful mess, so if you do, never mind. Good thing you didn't sit on the super-gluey ball before it dried - that would be bad.

Funny, but bad, nonetheless. The secret to caulking is to clean your work surface as well as you can before you start.

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A clean work surface is very important. It's almost as important as using clear caulk. Using clear caulk is good because when you make a gawd-awful mes, you can see right through it and not be bothered by it too much. Wetting your finger to smooth down the bead is helpful too. That way you have a finger full of caulk to clean on top of everything else. This is all very well and all, but where's my damned pizza? I responded to the wring post Sorry Rue.

Lissla Lissar. I've never caulked anything. I wouldn't mind learning how, though, if Rue wants to give lessons or something. I just want to say that while I was at work yesterday Mr. Lissar did all the dishes and put them away, scrubbed the kitchen, put the laundry away and tidied the books.

I am so very very impressed with him. I went out and got him another chocolate bunny discount. If you want to practice caulking Lissla , we could start with cake icing in a piping bag. You wouldn't want to stain your nice clothes either, so we'll have to think of something for that. I wonder what we could do Your damned pizza got glued to the kickball Ex. It's still yours if you want it. No sweat Phlosphr. But it's a good thing you said before I looked up just what "Haldol" is.

I responded to the [wrong] post Hey, Rue , I tried to leave a message on your machine last night but the tape was full and the machine just kept beeping at me. I don't think anything in the house needs caulking, but I've got a few dripping faucets that need fixing. I haven't gotten around to it because before I go to the hardware store I have to take them apart to see what kind of washer they take and I just know each one's going to be different, because that's what happened the last time I had to do it , and I just haven't had the time.

My father got superglue on his fingers once. He elected to bite it off and superglued his teeth together for a few hours. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Find all posts by tanookie. We could practice on my kitten. I wouldn't mind it if her mouth was caulked shut. I like superglue. It's fun. I used to make doll's jewelry when I was little by supergluing rhinstones to bits of wire. I glued my fingers together a couple of times. I thought it was funny.

I took a hammer and a small nail and nailed holes into the sides of my doll's heads so I could stick earrings in there Tanookie's discount doll piercing emporium.

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Honey, I'm good, but I ain't that good. Pfffft - swampy , if you're soooooo gay, why do you have an ordinary, common white bathtub and tile? How fabulous is that? I'll tell you - not at all! And you call yourself an over-the-top gay decorator It is to laugh!! Why now I'm all flattered Swampy! My bathroom has a white tub and surround and a white sink and commode But I make up for it with my fabulous Monopoly board shower curtain and my token soap dispensers and my matching Monopoly towels Couldn't have all that color and not have white somewhere Anybody who had even an ounce of taste would know that it's the accents that make the room not the permanent features.

And just so you know, I have a lovely striped wallpaper, antique brass fixtures, and loverly antique brass accents in my bathroom. To top it all off all the woodwork is stained oak, and I have faaaaaaaa-bu-lous! Now tell me who's gay. Bambi Hassenpfeffer. La vida es una hermosura; hay que vivirla.

It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps. When I was reading some kiddie sci-fi books called Devil On My Back about people with extra memory banks wired into them, I cut holes in the back of my She-Ra dolls' heads. And made little wire-and-duct-tape computery thingies.

Environmental Enrichment Options for Laboratory Rats and Mice

And drilled IV tubes in their necks. I think I was ten. I did piercings on my My Little Ponies, too. Can y'all imagine if tanookie and Lissla Lissar had been childhood friends and playmates? Ashes, Ashes. If you heat a straight pin it'll make nifty holes in your dolls. You could use this method for earrings I suppose. The computery stuff that Lissla is talking about skeeves me though. I picture a Chuckie that's been assimilated by the Borg, eeww. I have a cold!

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That's what I did with my weekend. Okay, I'm barely sick, so I assembled a table that came in the mail. The directions were writtenwithoutpunctuationorspacing and the illustrations were weensy. For a table that came in the mail, it's not so bad. Then I lay on the couch and coughed and felt sorry for myself. One of my cats doesn't like it when I sneeze or cough. She runs over and yells at me. Little weirdo. I once glued my finger to my lip, while repairing a nail. I didn't realize it until I'd ripped a little piece of my lower lip off.

It still hurts to think of that. My bathroom is typical-apartment cream with stone, teal and brick red accents. It sounds awful but it looks good. The caulking is sloppy but works. I need shelves though.

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Somebody build me some shelves, I'm too sick to do it myself right now. For the little sicky? As a child, Mr. Taters inserted bottle rockets in the hands of his GI Joe, set it up on his Dad's camper, lit the fuses. He expected his GI Joe to fly; alas, he just blew up. He also tried to give his GI Joe a haircut He did a couple of other awful things to his GI Joe, but that's all I remember. I've never superglued myself to anything However, I'm thinkin' some superglue on the lips of my "team leader" wouldn't be bad idea! Little kids, toys and toilets Your bathroom sounds lovely, Swampy.

The floor and tile surrounding the tub are a beigey, creamly color. The floor also has little spots of a slatey bluish color in it. I haven't bought any rugs or "pretty, do not touch" towels yet. I can't decide what colors I want. The weather here was absolutely, stunningly gorgeous all last weekend. It was over 80 degrees here on Sunday! I spent all weekend outside playing horse with the neighbors, gossiping with neighbors and putzing around the yard.

On Easter we went to MIL's and ate lotso ham and tater salad. Then we hid plastic easter eggs filled with money and candy and sent the kids to look for them. Hmmm, I thinking one of the colored Easter real eggs would be tasty about now. I replied to the wrong thread again, didn't I? Let's see, here The " tanookie as a serial killer" angle holds some promise, but could play out quickly. Kallessa is talking about her boobs again, or will be as soon as she finds this. Not that I object, or think anything is wrong with talking about her boobs, but we've done that.

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Plus, I'm still sorta' miffed about the whole "standing me up on the engagement" thing. So that's out. And compulsively decorating. We knew this. Lissla Lissar is Canadian. We knew this too. Help us improve our products. Sign up to take part. A Nature Research Journal. We are sorry, but there is no personal subscription option available for your country. Wolfensohn, S. Olsson, I. Patterson-Kane, E. Environmental enrichment for laboratory rats: a review. Poole, T. Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK, Key, D. Manser, C. Investigations into the preferences of laboratory rats for nest-boxes and nesting materials.

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Van Loo, P. Modulation of aggression in male mice: influence of group size and cage size. Hawkins, P. Home office. Code of practice for the housing and care of animals used in scientific procedures. Nevison, C. Strain-specific effects of cage enrichment in male laboratory mice Mus musculus. Operant studies to determine the strength of preference in laboratory rats for nest-boxes and nesting material. Hurst, J. Housing and welfare in laboratory rats: the welfare implications of social isolation and social contact among males.

Ballard, T. Rat housing into the Millennium. Wallace, R. Tail-hoarding in the albino rat. Burge, T. The cage preference of laboratory rats. Van de Weerd, H. Preferences for nesting material as environmental enrichment for laboratory mice.

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Kinder, E. A study of the nest-building activity of the albino rat. Electro House Gladiators, Vol. Amir , Yind. A Twisted Fantasy. Wolfrage Recordings. The Underground Session, Vol. Tenor Recordings. Darksound Recordings. Grossstadtgefluster, Vol. Horenswert, Vol. Hauptstadt Musik Berlin, Vol. Skull And Bones. Tingel Tangel, Vol. Mace , Amir. Amir , OneRepublic. Polydor Associated Labels. Minimal Concept, Vol. Technoid Archives 1. Wasabi Recordings.

The ABC of Techno. Amir , Moffat. Lucky Records. Global Underground Global Underground. Psy-Trance Festival Anthems, Vol. LW Recordings. Electronic Ambassador, Vol. Talkin' Deep Vol. Variety Music. Bass Crime - The Remixes. BlocBeatz Records. Amir , Psy-Mese. Club Cartel Records. Nandez , Kollektiv Ost. Sound Impressions Volume Voltaire Music. Pixel Robots, Vol.

The Deeper We Go Re:stored Issue Cloud Nine Recordings. Intacto Winter Warmers Vol. Tunes Volume It's All About Meltrance.